The 3rd International Annual Meeting on STEM Education (I AM STEM 2020) is an annual convergence of scholars, experts, educators, teachers and students which aims to discuss the most pressing issues and trends in STEM education through research presentations. As envisioned, it also convenes distinguished personalities in STEM Education to discuss about relevant initiatives especially those that involve students and communities of learning. Moreover, the conference is also an opportunity for students to connect, learn and create linkages with students from other universities in the Philippines and in Asia.

The IAM STEM 2020 will be held at the Mindanao State University, Iligan Institute of Technology, Iligan City, Philippines from 13  – 15 August 2020. It involves research oral and poster presentation that enable delegates to explore and develop new ideas about integrated STEM education.

This conference is jointly hosted by, the Mindanao State University–Iligan Institute of Technology, Philippines , Science Education Association of Thailand (SEAT), ASEAN Research Network for STEM education (ARN-STEM), Thailand Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC), Khon Kaen University,  Rajabhat Yala University, Thailand; Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri (STAIN) Sorong, State University of Malang, Galuh University, Indonesia; and Thai Nguyen University of Education, Vietnam

Researchfocused Strands

  • Perspectives on STEM in education
  • Transdisciplinary learning in STEM
  • Research-based practices for engaging students in STEM Learning
  • Digital technologies/learning spaces facilitating STEM Learning
  • School-industry-community partnerships in STEM
  • STEM Teacher Education and Professional Learning
  • Integrated pedagogical approaches to STEM
  • Policy and leadership for improving STEM
  • Assessment and evaluation of STEM outcomes
  • STEM as critical literacy
  • Diverse learners in STEM
  • STEM and environmental sustainability